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Year of the Quiet Sun is a love letter to print making. We, the artists who form Someone Editions, has created a work melding elements of book culture’s past and present to construct an art object that revolutionizes the notions of printing as we know it. Combining the fine and literary arts, this project reaches deep into histoire du livre as printed art objects,and unites 19th-century etchings and print technology with the precision of modern designprocesses.

Seeds of another sun: the engraver gave them one more century

And I see them passing through their pages

In an old book, other Beings, almost the same butterflies as once.

The scissors don’t judge. They cut inked scraps.

Semillas de otro sol, el grabador les dió cien años

Más y puedo verlas recorrer esas páginas

Del libro y Ser otras, cast las mismas mariposas.

Las tijeras no juzgan, cortan trapos de tinta…

Sacred Objects

Los objetos sagrados

14.5 x 22"

Printed in multiple tints and black line on

Canal paper from the Mill at St Armand


Sacred Objects - Los objetos sagrados

  • If your prints are damaged in transit, photograph the damaged piece and it wil be replaced at no cost. If you do not receive your order, please let us know and we will ensure that the package is traced. 

  • Year of the Quiet Sun is a limited edition folio of prints by world-renowned poet and artist Ludwig Zeller. Often referred to as the “last living surrealist” Zeller is an icon of the art of collage and has made irreplaceable contributions to poetry through his more than 40 poetry collections, 50 poetry chapbooks and five books of collages. Produced by Someone Editions, this folio is made up of 3, heretofore unpublished, collages, simulating the effect of the originals through letterpress printing. The edition is numbered and the prints are signed by the author. The design and letterpress process is inspired by Zeller’s own unique use of 19th Century engravings as source material. Someone Editions has painstakingly underprinted the subtle colours of the paper in the original images and overprinted the strong black outlines, creating a sumptuous visual and tactile experience. These opulent prints are presented alongside excerpts of Zeller’s poetry in their original Spanish and their English translation by A.F Moritz. In Year of the Quiet Sun Ludwig Zeller continues his legacy in surrealism, positing that movement’s philosophy of creation as means of changing the world, using poetry as a tool for transformation.

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    Sacred Objects - Los objetos sagrados

    The Opposites - Los contrartos

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