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Pas De Deux by Karl Jirgens


Author Karl Jirgens’ mastery of form is in full display as he joins rhythm and melody in language to create a dance for lovers, set against the backdrop of Lake Superior. In her image photographer Zile Liepins evokes a Nordic kind of mystery, one that is further layered when Jirgens’ text is juxtaposed with the letterpress rendering of her photograph: another dance is made visible as text and image work with each other, deepening the meanings inherent in both creations.


Digitally, Liepins’ image file was separated into its RGB layers and worked with to elicit a ‘stereo effect’ when moved out of register and coloured to match the typeset words on the page. The result is effervescent up close, and mysterious and flickering from a distance. 



13H x 11W” 

Designed in Missionary, Boulevard and Dax types and printed from photopolymer plates

Letterpress printed in 5 colours and one blind impression from photopolymer plates on Crane’s Lettra

Signed and numbered, in an edition of 52 copies, 26 of which are included in the boxed someone:water collection

someone:water six Pas De Deux by Karl Jirgens

  • someone:water Six Broadsides in a Box

    someone:water one The Shore

    someone:water two We are All Bodies of water

    someone:water three The Metaphysics of Water

    someone:water four The Waters Are Divided

    someone:water five Swimmers

    someone:water Title page


    The someone:water series was started in 2009 with The Shore, someone:water one, by A.F. Moritz, in the year that the author won the Griffen Poetry Prize. The series developed through the following years, with Astrida Neimanis (2011), Beatriz Hausner and Seth Scriver (2012), and Pamela Dodds (2014) adding to the collections with someone:water two, three and five.


    The collection was completed for launch in December 2017 with the release of two new broadsides: the waters are divided by Paul Till and Pas De Deux by KarlJirgens with image by Zile Liepins.


    Editor Beatriz Hausner who also authors someone:water three has brought the literary component of this collection to fruition, while Deborah Barnett has guided the visual components, and designed and printed the series.


    Split fountain letterpress printed title pages impressed directly from the wood, and individual monoprint-duplexed boxes were designed and produced in the Someone Editions atelier in 2014, art directed by Deborah Barnett, with monoprinting accomplished by Claro Cosco for the edition.


    A few title pages and a few monoprints have been held back from title page and box production to be made available as individual prints for framing.  

  • If your prints are damaged in transit, photograph the damaged piece and it wil be replaced at no cost. If you do not receive your order, please let us know and we will ensure that the package is traced. 

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