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Year of the Quiet Sun is a love letter to print making. We, the artists who form Someone Editions, has created a work melding elements of book culture’s past and present to construct an art object that explodes the notions of printing as we know it. Combining the fine and literary arts, this project reaches deep into histoire du livre as printed art objects, and unites 19th century etchings and print technology with the precision of modern design processes.

Dizzying flutter of occurrence. I hear a lost

Animal inside me running through rooms where tongues

Of crystal grow and the egg is fertilized by expanding light


Aleteo vertiginoso del suceder; escucho dentro

Al animal perdido, recorriendo salas donde crecen las lenguas

Del cristal y el huevo es fecundado per la centella que se expande.


Another Thing with a Guitar

Otra cosa con guitarra

14.5 x 22" 

Printed in multiple tints and black line on

Canal paper from the Mill at St Armand


Another Thing With A Guitar - Otra cosa con guitarra