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Little Letterpress Image Maker Makes paintings available for purchase

Natalia Moskwa's image series Haunted, brings together eight immediate and striking renderings, curated form her drawings and paintings, 2016-18.

Haunted:4 was chosen as the core image for Someone Editions' Little Letterpress Series, and Natalia's images were shown at the booklaunch, each for its first time, on mother's day, 10 May 2018.

Now, framed, they are available for sale, as individuals images or in sets. Don't be fooled by the price! These are Ms Moskwa's one-off original paintings and drawings, not prints.

Little Letterpress #1 celebrates Jay MillAr, poet and publisher extraordinaire in Someone Editions' letterpress production of his Another Poem About Time Written at the Onset of Middle Age.

MOSKWAS ORIGINALS and 19.5 inches square, in wooden frames

Haunted: 3

Haunted 4

Haunted: #8 chosne to participate in thenlaunch of Little Letterpress chapbooks and the intital publication, by Jay MillAr Thanother poem Wirtten aAt The Onset Of MiddleAgeByJay Millr.

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