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Master printer Deborah Barnett announces Someone Editions’ The Birth of Venus, Cock-Swallower, a limited edition imprint featuring David R. Carlson’s restoring of the myth of creation, and Rei Misiri’s dynamic renderings of the goddess through graceful, always dynamic and bold brush drawings.


Through a masterful subversion of the sources, David R. Carlson recreates the birth of Venus as a goddess who, in a very modern way, creates herself. He does this by referring himself to the original depiction by Hesiod of Venus as born from the dismembered male gods. Carlson takes the original Greek spelling of the Venus’ name, “penis loving” and in the process restores her power. Centuries of misspelling, or misreading the original spelling as “laughter-loving” had given Venus a kind sort of beauty that obfuscated her power as created and creator. David Carlson further brings into the narration of Venus’ birth, elements of the story as told by Ovid and his close contemporaries, and in the process creates a poem of extraordinary beauty.


For his part Rei Misiri brings the renewed goddess to life through his own brand of traditional calligraphic techniques married to dance movement and street art. His mastery at calligraphic expression has proven instrumental in the shape and form of the chapbook as designed by Deborah Barnett.



Designed by Deborah Barnett, in Toronto Canada in 2018, putting to use traditional letterpress techniques and materials and the latest iterations of digital technology. The type, Mason Sans, designed by Jonathan Barnbrook, is employed for the titling. The text is set in the Absara family of fonts, designed by Xavier Dupré in 2005. The paper is Canaletto Bianco felt for the pages, and vintage Fabriano for the cover. The chapbook is hand sewn in an edition of 52 signed and numbered copies.

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