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Someone Editoins is delighted to present


form her series

$150 EACH !!!

(there are only 7 left)

These paintings DO HAUNT. 
They also inspire fearlessness and humor!


Thanks Natalia!

Happy Hallowe'en everyone!



NB that price? I know, they're priced like prints, but MAKE NO MISTAKE! These are original paintings, one-off, inspired originals, in wooden frames. 

Natalia Moskwa's 'Haunted', series of nine originals

  • In summer 2018 Someone Editions launched the Little Letterpress series with LL#1, presenting powerful and mysterious Images by Natalia Moskwa, running alongside the sunny and reflective poem, Another Poem About Time Written at the Onset of Middle Age by Jay MillAr. 
    Natalia's work was presented in a solo exhibition as part of the excitement at the book launch, delivering spellbinding impact on the wall as effortlessly as in the impressed cotton of the LL#1 chapbook pages.
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